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Yucca valley singles Falkoping

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Yucca valley singles Falkoping

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Books by Language. By Charles Rau. On Prehistoric Trephining and Cranlal Amulets. By Robert Fletcher, M. Acting Asst. Surgeon U.

Yucca valley singles Falkoping

Introduction 7 Part I. Part III. Oatlands, Isle of Man, Fig. From a tumulus in Scania, Sweden. From tho Tesuque Indians, Now Mexico. San a Ii;irbara County, California.

The attention of European archaeologists has been directed for Yucca valley singles Falkoping years to that very Deep tissue massage Kristinehamn and widely-distributed class of antiquities, which ai-e called pierres a ccuelles in French, and Schaknsteine in German, and to which the English designation "cup-stones" might with propriety be applied.

But as these cup-like excavations often appear, more especially in the Old Vallej, associated with engraved figures of a difi'erent character, it will be necessary to consider them in connection with Yucca valley singles Falkoping.

Professor E. Before entering upon the task of describing them so for as my present information permits, I will m give, for the sake of comparison and direct reference, a brief account of the cup-stones of the Yhcca World, relying chiefly on Professor Gay district Sweeden excellent pamphlet, yet availing myself in addition of such other writings of similar bearing as Wilkes barre Sweeden massage to be at my command.

Foremost among the works relating to the pecuhar kind of sculpture under consideration stands that entitled "Archaic Sculptures of Cups, Cir- cles. According to Professor Simpson, the cup-shaped cavities and Yucca valley singles Falkoping sculptured figures presently to be described occur in the British Islands, more esjiecially in Scotland, as follows: On stones connected with archaic sepulture, as — 1.

On Yucca valley singles Falkoping of megalithic circles, 2. On stones of megalithic avenues, 3. On stones of dolmens, 4. On chambered tumuli, 5. On stone cists and covers of urns, 6. On valleh stones or monoliths. Tho Yucca valley singles Falkoping at my disposal from the Library of Congress has no special title, and I find that the work is qnoted under different titles. I select that given by Professor Desor in his essay on cup-stones.

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It is a remarkable fact that Sir James Y. Yucca valley singles Falkoping, the distinguished and much-occniiied Edinburgh physician, who first employed anaoethetics in obstetric practice, found leisure to devote himself to thorough archieological investigations, and to produce a work of high merit. On stones connected with archaic habitations, as — vallley. In wcems, or underground houses, Japanese shemale Majorna. In fortified Yucca valley singles Falkoping, 9.

In and near ancient vallry and camps, On the surface of isolated rocks in places probably once inhabited.

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On Falkopin stones. Professor Simpson rednces the forms of the sculptures in question to seven elementary types, here reproduced and comprised under Fig. I also briefly present such extracts from the author's accompanying Yucca valley singles Falkoping as will serve to aiford addi- tional information on the subject. First typk.

Their diameter varies from one inch to three inches Yucca valley singles Falkoping more, while they are often only half an inch deep, but rarely deeper Yucca valley singles Falkoping an inch or an inch and a half They commonly appear in different sizes on the same stone or rock, and although they sometimes form the only sculpt- ures on a surface, they are more frequently associated with figures Japanese engines in Trelleborg a different character.

He observes that they are in general scattered without order over the surface, but that occasionally four or five or more of them are i laced in more or less regular groups, exhibiting a constellation-like arrangement.

The ring is either complete or broken, and in the latter case it is often traversed by a radial groove which runs from the cen- tral cup through and even beyond the ring. Thibd type. Fourth type.

Professor Simpson thinks, constitutes, perhiip. The KAU.

The radial groove occasion- ally extends considerably beyond the outer circle, and in most cases it runs in a more or less downward direction on the stone or rock. But the author measured one specimen at Auchnabreach, Yucca valley singles Falkoping, Scotland, three feet in diameter and composed of eight circles.

Fifth tvpe. Seventh type.

Full text of "Contributions to North American ethnology"

This is a noticeable and frequently occurring feature, as will be seen. Simple cups, cups surrounded by one ring or by concentric rings with radial grooves, and spirals, appear here promiscuously mingled.

But in view of the occuiTence of simple cups Yucca valley singles Falkoping stones and rocks in North America, I will, for the present, direct my attention to corresponding sculp- tures in the Old World, and briefly enumerate the stones noticed by the Scottish savant on which the cup-like cavities appear unmixed with other figures, excepting the before-mentioned grooves by which they are now and then connected.

These simple carvings, it will be seen, mostly Faloping on stones of mcgalithic monuments.

It shows Yucca valley singles Falkoping cups of from three Jessica Ystad sex four inches diameter, arranged in a row close to one of the edges of the stone and following valey curvature Simpson, Plate VIII.

On its upper surface is sculptured a row of twenty cups, which runs in a Yucca valley singles Falkoping median lino from one end of the stone to the. In addition, there is a cup placed on either side of the central row. The largest cups measure about three inches in diameter, and are half an inch deep.

The cap-stone is a block of secondary basalt, or whin- stone, about twelve feet long, ten in breadth, and two in thickness Simpson, Plate IX, 1. Vallsy upper Yucca valley singles Falkoping is covered witli a large number of cups running' in oblique, but almost parallel, lines. Two long grooves, form- ing an acute angle, Where to find indian prostitutes in Sweeden a number of the cups Simpson, Plate IX, vallfy.

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This dolmen is represented as Fig. I reproduce Professor Simpson's view of the dolmen as Fig.

The design shows in one corner of the block eighteen cup-markings, which form five irregular rows Simpson, Plate VIII, 1. It shows on the inner Yucca valley singles Falkoping six apparently large cups, placed without special order Simpson, Plate XI, 6. Upon the sui'face of one of them are seen twelve cups, apparently of equal size ; the other stone shows five valleey them, which are placed in the shape of an irregular cross Simpson, Falkopinf X, 3 and 4. One side shows four cups, the other Thrifty nickel online Eslov Simpson, Plate XI, 4.

Upon one of its sides appear five cups, so placed that they might mark the Yucca valley singles Falkoping of an irregular pentagon Simpson, Plate IV, 3. Reproduced as Fig.

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There are upon it three apparently Yucca valley singles Falkoping cups, forming a row in Eastern Malmo escorts longitudinal Falkopng of the stone, but placed for apart Simpson, Plate VIII, 2. A view of this stone, differing from Simpson's representation, is given by Professor Daniel Wilson.

Yucca valley singles Falkoping

It measures above six feet in length, and is covered with many cups, five pairs of Boo black swingers are joined by straight or curved grooves Simpson, Plate XIV, 2. On one side eight cups are distributed without order; on the other an equal number is recognizable, and here two pairs are con- joined by straight grooves Yucca valley singles Falkoping, Plate XXVI, 4.

It will be described and figured in my notice of Swedish cup-stones. Professor Simpson represents in all about a hundred stones upon which figures are sculptured, and my enumeration shows that among these only sixteen bear exclusively cup-shaped cavities, which are in some instances Yucca valley singles Falkoping by grooves.

I have to mention, however, that he also alludes in his work to a number of simple cup-cuttings which he does not figure. I presented the preceding summary simply for the purpose of showing that sinngles unaccompanied by other figures are not very frequently met with on stones in Scotland, England, and the smaller islands sungles to Great Britain. An important publication relating to English rock-sculpture of Yucca valley singles Falkoping peculiar kind here examined is that by Mr.

Tate's work, as its title indicates, is mainly devoted to a narrower district in the North of England. The rock-sculptures of Northumberland Fakkoping by Mr. Tate are almost absolutely analogous to those hitherto considered, and appear to be of contemporaneous origin with. The well-developed spiral line, however, does not occur among the English sculptures figured by Yucca valley singles Falkoping. For the rest, we behold here the same rings with central cups and radial grooves.

Yet, in none of the illustrations published by Yucca valley singles Falkoping author do they constitute the sole sculptures of a rock- surface. The general results of Mr. Tate's investigations in Northumber- land singlex summed up in the following rf;sumd on page 27 of his treatise: All of them are more or less connected with ancient British remains.

Four of them formed the covers of vallwy four were probably covers of Faljoping ; two are within a few Yucca valley singles Falkoping of ban-ows, beneath which are similar small sepulchral chambers ; five of them are within ancient British camps ; eight of Bangladeshi escort Vaxjo are not more distant from such camps than a hundred yards, most of the others are less distant than half a mile, and none further away than a mile.

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Their relation, however, to the camps, forts, and hut-circles — the dwellings of the ancient British people — is more apparent than to their sepulchres. I shall have occasion to refer again to Mr. Tate's interesting monograph.

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Of particular interest is a class of small English cup-stones, which the Rev. William Greenwell found in no inconsiderable number during his extensive exploration of English baiTows.

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This slngles, which measured forty-two feet in diameter, was no longer in its original state, having been much disturbed in recent times for the sake of the stones which formed it.

No traces of any interment remained, a fact ascribed by Yucca valley singles Falkoping.

Greenwell to the total dis- appearance of the bones by decay. According to his opinion, a burned body had never been interred in this mound, for in that case some fragments of calcined bones would have come to light.

On Yucca valley singles Falkoping east side of the barrow was found a stone with two grooves running crosswise, and Massage parlours in north Kungsbacka pro- duced by the sharpening of some stone implement. Yucca valley singles Falkoping continues, "was the very large number of stones more than twenty of various sizes, from five inches to eighteen inches square, and of dififerent and irregular shapes, on which pit or cup-markings had been formed.